Our People – Our Pride

At NKG Infrastructure ltd., we believe that our employees are real pillars of strength who enable us to execute complex projects in time and costs and deliver quality projects to exceed customer expectations. We believe in empowering our people and creating a people centric culture. Our mission is to develop customer centered values in our employees and facilitate them to excel in their professional, personal and social life.

At NKG Infrastructure, the rein of the company is in the hands of highly motivated and qualified professionals from premier institutes of India like IITs, NITs etc. as well as experienced employees having worked in numerous companies across India. Bright, talented, enterprising and ambitious people interested in establishing a successful career in construction industry work and grow with us.

The art of construction and project management is no doubt a team effort where the skill, competence and dedication of every member are required right from the labours at site to the board of directors. We actively take steps to foster unity in our employees and create a collective high performance environment.

Some of our work ethics include:

  • To provide a steep learning curve and exposure to different areas for continual development
  • To empower employees to take independent decisions
  • To ensure a good work-life balance for overall well-being
  • To enable performance, constant feedback and mentoring is provided
  • To work diligently with honesty, dignity and self-esteem
  • To encourage risk-taking and new innovative ideas
  • To work as a team and create a cohesive atmosphere
  • To constantly challenge, excite and motivate one another to create a performance driven culture
  • To encourage meritocracy and transparency in awards and recognitions

At NKG Infrastructure we believe, your future is our future. So come, let’s shape it together!!