Corporate Social Responsibility

NKG Infrastructure believes in going above and beyond caring for every single one by creating better living conditions and opportunities for them to rise above daily hardship. NKG Infrastructure touches social conscience and serves as a reminder of the importance by making a difference in the workplace, community or the society overall. We have made it our mission to work on the path that paves way for a better, brighter and safer world for children, who are the very symbol of the future. Our commitment to a better future derives from a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to work with communities and help them in developing sustainable solutions in every aspect and element. Driven by this belief, the NKG infrastructure, its staff and stakeholders are also watchful of environmental wellbeing, as much as the individuals it works with and serves.

NKG infrastructure promotes strategic and sustainable development of communities through social investment, fundraising and grant-making. The company’s charitable footprints fall under three focus areas. They are labour upliftment, sustainable environment outreach and community wellbeing.
The culture and approach of the NKG infrastructure and the Staff Social Responsibility engagement bind to these values and also reflect the following attributes:

  • Strategic
  • Forward looking
  • Partnership (emphasis on the importance and value of partnerships)
  • Evidence guided and driven
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Rigorous
  • Operating with integrity
  • Constructive and positive social change

Eye Donation Camps


It was the best contribution decision with invaluable return for the volunteers from NKG infrastructure group to provide a facility to people to donate their eyes through eye donation camp and give forth the gift of sight to the underprivileged through educational and development programme.

Blood Donation Camps

It is definitely an eye opener for many individuals and family members, an officially recognized blood donation day event by the NKG infrastructure group where charitable blood bank, through their volunteers are allowed to solicit blood donations from company individuals as well as their family members.

Many individuals who were a part of the volunteer group expressed their gratitude and said, “It felt good to give back to the society and imagine how much it will help they will have for the rest of their remaining life. They would love to be part of other CSR activity again.”


It was a labour of love and devotion showcased by NKG infrastructure group volunteers when they took the initiative to organise a plantation activity at surrounding areas recently. The volunteers’ help came in at the right time for a reboot. It was meaningful day as everyone who played a part to expand the green cover on the surface of the earth.

Built 200 houses and Labour day training for safety

NKG infrastructure group has recently developed 200 houses for labour force dedicating itself to provide a safe shelter for the families. This is also in line with NKG infrastructure group aspirations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals with a noble aim of leaving no one behind. For this programme, the Foundation will be working closely with our partner to ensure that Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education and proper safety of the labour force and Gender Equality are met.